While we all love winters, there's no denying that it brings many health issues in children.

 with the winter season approaching and our continued battle with COVID-19, a high surge in infections is predicted this season among the. Pediatric population birthday surgeon infection is not under parental control. Boosting a children's immune system absolutely is.

1. DRINK WARM WATER Children have a tendency to drink iced water or cold water directly from the fridge. Drinking cold water during winter can result in many respiratory infections or inflammatory conditions. They should be given either water, boiled and cooled water.

2.AVOID FREE FOODS Winter is the time we're all prefer to eat spicy and deep fried foods. Children loves to eat foods like French fries or Nuggets etc. that are deep fried. Try to avoid the snacks and instead give them oven roasted alternatives.

3.AVOID UNNECESSARY ANTIBIOTICS USAGE. Common cold and mild flu like symptoms should be treated naturally and divide the uses of too many antibiotics unless it is extremely needed in take off. Too many antibiotics can disrupt the microbial flora and compromised immunity.

4.EXERCISE OUTDOORS.  Outdoor playing not only helps to improve the mood and mental activity, but also given opportunity to get exposed to the sun and the natural environment. This can activate the immune systems and prepare them to be fully equipped to fight infections.

5.BODY MASSAGES WITH SESAME OR MUSTARD OIL  children should be given massages at least once or twice a week with sasami or mustard oil and then hot shower with salt water. This can help to regenerate the body by improving circulation and also promoting immune functions.

6.IMPROVE SLEEP Children must get quality sleep of around 9 hours. Sleep is an important aspect of persons lifestyle that helps to improve immunity as well.

For parents This is the time to be conscious around what I put inside our bodies, to stay strong and outside.

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