In this story you will learn about those 7 easy and unique claw clip hairstyles for the chic look.

7 Unique Claw Clip Hairstyles To Try Now!

1. Bun with a tail Our 1st Claw clip hairstyle is so basic and messy. It can be done by anyone because it is too easy. 

2. Basic Low Ponytail This is real simple claw clip hairstyle. If you like loose braids, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Or if you do not like buns you can give this claw clip style a try.

3. Classic Bun If you are a Bun fan and want to give it a stylish look, you can try this claw clip style. It will give you total model off-duty vibes for sure.

4. Half Up Half Down This is the quickest claw clip hairstyle. If you just washed your hair and you do not want to tie it, you can try this simple hairstyle.

5. Knotted Bun If you have thick hair, you can try this claw clip hairstyle for thick hair. It will give a comfy and cute look to your hair+ and Will make it manageable.

6. Half Up Half Down Bun This is such a cute and go-to claw clip hairstyle. It will give you a great Rockstar look. Also, it is easy to do. This is a Pinterest Inspired Claw Clip Hairstyle.

7. Back to School This is a perfect teen or back-to-school claw clip hairstyle. You will need 2 mini claw clips for it. It is also the best claw clip hairstyle for short hair.

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