As a language model, I cannot predict the future or know for sure what coding skills will be in demand in 2023. However, based on current trends and the direction of the tech industry, here are some coding skills that may be in demand in 2023

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: AI and machine learning are already widely used and are expected to continue to grow in popularity, creating a demand for developers with skills in these areas.

 Cloud computing: As more companies move to the cloud, skills in cloud computing, such as experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, will likely be in high demand.

 Cybersecurity: With the increasing number of cyber attacks and the need for secure systems, cybersecurity skills are becoming more critical. Developers with knowledge of security principles and practices will be valuable.

Full-stack development: Full-stack developers are in demand as they have a wide range of skills, including front-end development, back-end development, and database management.

DevOps: The DevOps approach to software development is gaining in popularity, and developers with experience in DevOps tools and practices will be highly sought after.

 Mobile development: Mobile devices continue to be an essential part of daily life, creating a demand for developers with skills in mobile app development.

 Blockchain: Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to transform many industries. Developers with blockchain skills will be valuable in the coming years.

Keep in mind that these are just predictions, and the actual demand for specific coding skills may vary depending on market trends and technological advancements.

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