USE LUKEWARM WATER Avoid washing your dry skin face with hot and soapy water. Instead, use lukewarm water to clean your dry skin, followed by an emollient or moisturiser.

APPLY MOISTURIZER IMMEDIATELY AFTER SHOWER After shower, never rub yourself with a towel to try instead badri the access water. This will help you keep your skin soft and helping you cut the risk of skin irritation.

USE AN OINTMENT OR CREAM RATHER THAN A LOTION Appointments and creams are more effective and less irritating then lotions. Look for a cream or ointment that contains an oil such as olive oil or Jojoba oil.

WARM MILK WITH ALMOND OIL Few drops of almond oil added in bom milk at the time of sleeping is an effective home remedy for dry skin.

FACIAL MASKS Homemade facial mask for dry skin helps to retain moisture and get rid of dry skin problems.

NO ALCOHOL Avoid the intake of alcohol and drinks high in content of caffeine if you are suffering from very dry skin because this can worse the condition.

MILK BATHING This may surprise you but bath once in a month can help you to get rid of dry skin.

MOISTURIZING LOTION Make sure the moisturising lotion you use has dry skin friendly ingredients such as dimethicone,which is a silicon that keeps moisture trapped.

NUTRITIOUS DIET What you put in is what comes out, so be conscious what you are eating. A diet rich in vitamin B&A is also a dry skin remedy as deficiency of these vitamins lead to dry skin.

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