A healthy Morning Routine is one of the most underrated aspects for good health

Get Ready for a Great Morning The secret to a calmer morning starts with a little prep work the night before.

Write Reminders Are you forgetful first thing in the morning? If so, jot down important morning tasks the night before, and place the list somewhere visible.

Wake Up Less Alarmed Rise and shine 10 minutes earlier than you do now. That way, you don’t have to rush.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast A balanced breakfast can keep that "hanger" away. It gives you energy for the day, and it may boost your focus and mood.

Brush Your Teeth Mindfully Everybody frets about their future or past from time to time. But you can start to let go of your worries if you focus on the present

Try Meditation Even a few minutes a day of this peaceful practice may help you zap stress.

Get Some Exercise Your body releases feel-good brain chemicals when you work out. You may feel more creative and productive

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