skincare mistakes you need to stop today!

Using Products With Harmful Chemicals

Whenever you buy a new skin-care product then please first check out its ingredients. If you find any harmful chemicals in the product, don’t use it!

Dirty Makeup Brushes

f you love doing make-up and always try new make-up looks then this is your sign to clean your make-up brushes. Dirty make-up brushes your skin and makes it cakey too.

Skipping Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a. Big game changer. Apply sunscreen even if you are at home all day. Protecting our skin from UV light is a really important thing.

Dirty Pillow Covers

Like dirty towels, there are dirty pillow covers too. It also harms your skin. Why put your face on a house full of bacterias? Wash your pillow covers at least once a week.