Triangle Accent: Paint a small triangle on one or multiple nails as a minimalistic and eye-catching accent.

Chevron Pattern: Create a chevron pattern using two contrasting colors for a bold and dynamic geometric design.

Geometric French Tips: Replace traditional French tips with geometric shapes like squares, triangles, or rectangles for a modern twist.

Negative Space Grid: Use tape or nail vinyls to create a grid pattern on bare or colored nails, leaving empty spaces for a contemporary look.

Colorful Geometric Blocks: Paint different-sized blocks in vibrant colors on each nail to create a playful and geometric effect.

Diamond Cutouts: Create diamond-shaped cutouts on a solid color base to add an edgy and geometric touch.

Geometric Water Marble: Experiment with water marble techniques using geometric patterns for a unique and mesmerizing design.

Geometric Patterns with Metallic Accents: Combine geometric shapes with metallic nail polishes to add a luxurious and edgy element.

 Geometric Mosaic: Paint various geometric shapes in different colors on each nail, resembling a mosaic for an intricate and artistic look.

Geometric Nail Wraps: Apply geometric-patterned nail wraps for a quick and precise way to achieve a graphic and geometric nail art design.

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