Monday anxiety is a real thing, and sometimes no amount of motivation is enough to ease it.

 After a fun weekend, and a relaxing time, getting back to work more can be tricky for many. The deadlines, the pending work, the start of the week tasks all can take a toll.

 Besides, not all of us may be in love without jobs, and Mondays could raise the stress levels way too much.

Also, people who are prone to anxiety, depression and other such issues may not like to meet too many people and after a gap of two days, Mondays can be uncomfertable for them.

 It is not without a reason that Mondays are the most hated days universally. But it is possible to turn around Mons and utilise them to give a good start for the whole week.

1. Add up to Monday morning routine. This might be as simple as buying an iced coffee from your favourite cave or cleaning up your office so it's clean and ready for the week ahead. Having just one fun habit makes this morning something you look forward to daily.

2. On Friday evening, schedule on Monday mornings.  Anyone who has trouble turning their brain off at night can benefit from the tried and true productivity method of creating it To Do List. At the end of the day. This allows you to leave your responsibilities home for the weekend, which may make you feel less confused on Monday morning.

3. Seek out natural light.  Getting a dose of natural light. Maybe all of you need to be brighten your morning, open the blinds, enjoy breakfast outside, water your vegetable garden or go on your walk. Perform a random act of kindness.

4. Dress up a little bit.  It may sound a little shallow, but dressing up a little extra always helps me feel ready to face whatever the day has in store for you. Doing something you might not today everyday, but it always makes you feel like the best, most confident version of yourself.

5. Plan an enjoyable activity for a break in your day.  We should all take regular breaks to get up from our offices and stretch our legs on Mondays. Put something on your To Do List that is solely for your personal pleasure.

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