It is important to consciously include immunity boosting vitamins in our diet.

 How about the impact of rapid urbanization and unrealistic body images have affected peoples lifestyle in a great way and we are facing an epidemic of vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin C tops the list as it is known to be an important antioxidant too besides having a role in immunity. One of the easy ways to get it east to include vitamin C infused green tea in your daily routine. Second on the list is vitamin D. Second on the list is vitamin D, which helps in reducing inflammation and has a role in immune function.

1.Adequate exposure to sunlight can help a person improve their vitamin D levels. 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM is the ideal time to get maximum vitamin D.

2. Including seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet can greatly improve an individual's overall health.

3. Nuts and oilseeds such a sunflower provide good fibre content along with fat, facilitating the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and supporting the gut flora to produce vitamin B 12.

4. Include complex carbohydrate foods such as parboiled rice and hand pounded rice in your mail plan. These are rich sources of vitamin B complex.

5. Introduce food such as  vegetables, cooked fresh coconut, curd and coconut oil. Curry made with son red berries and cooked with gingelly oil.

Sambar with ghee in your cuisine, these food or highly nutritious. Vitamin A is also known as an anti inflammation vitamin. Also helps enhance our immunity. Sweet potatoes are the best source of carotenoids.

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