You may be an ace at your professional skills, but it also takes proficiency in some life skills to excel in your career.

A workplace can include people from all walks of life with different experiences that shape up there outlook and behaviour towards others.

 Some peoples actions are driven by self confidence, while insecurity Leeds some to jeopardise, others work life.

 This can easily hampers persons mental health and affect productivity. If you are surrounded by such people, you must learn how to deal with the office politics to maintain your sanity and work well.

1.STAY FOCUSSED ON JOB Office politics can work like Chinese whispers. You mostly end up believing what you hear, so rather than dwelling on hearsay, it's better to just do your job well. This will also help you meet deadlines without feeling the need for any procrastination at work.

2.TRY TO KNOW THE TRUTH Don't believe hearsay blindly. More than half the office politics gets a Philip because of he told me so or she told me about this. We have got to try not to pay attention to what others say. Try to seek the truth yourself instead of feeling. Infuriated on what others tell you, this will help you safeguard your own interests.

3.RECOGNIZE THE OFFICE POLITICIANS Once you are able to identify the people who indulge in office politics and play mental games, you can manage it better. Otherwise its like shooting in the dark. Know your back stabbers and be careful in interactions with them. We surely don't need to be surrounding by two faced people and those who contribute towards a toxic workplace.

4.AVOID GOSSIP MONGERS  don't perpetuate office gossip. Avoid being a part of gossip. Circle yourself so that you have every chance to practice. You will be able to avoid whining and listening to people who whine.

5.BUILD A HEALTHY COMMUNICATION CHANNEL WITH  YOUR BOSS.  The last thing you want to do is to suffer in silence. If the office politics seems to go beyond what you can handle, it may be time to speak to your manager of Boss sometimes being mentally disturbed due to the office politics, can mess up your way to set it right yourself. That's why you may need someone else took look at it objectively.

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