Banana Shake is a popular drink, particularly among children. This beverages still at the top of our breakfast and snack time menu list because no snack time is complete without it.

This is a simple drink made of bananas and milk.. However, experts believe that banana and milk are not the best combination. While both are extremely nutritious on their own, they didn't go well together.

 While the combination of milk and banana may appear to be idea, with the two compensating for each others nutrient deficits.

The two do not perform the same function when they enter our bodies together. We often have banana shakes in breakfast or in evening with light snacks. However, there are certain side effects of consuming banana shake daily.

YOU MAY GAIN WEIGHT The high amount of sugar found in banana increases weight gain, and if you plan to have it in the form of milkshake then you expect to see your waistline gaane a few inches.

YOUR BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL MAY SPIKE if you enjoy bananas for banana milkshake but need to keep your blood sugar levels table, take it easy or at least switch to starchier less ripe bananas with low GI level.

YOU MAY EXPERIENCE CONSTIPATION  banana contain significant amount of tannic acid. While this chemical is not harmful in small doses, anyone who eats several bananas are consumed banana shake daily in one sitting me experience chronic Constipation, so try to have it in moderate amount.

YOU MAY HAVE MIGRAINES science has proven that certain chemicals and nutrients can catch migrants, and unfortunately, bananas contain one of these herbal compounds, the chemical. Tyramine has been proven to affect the ways in which migrants develop and unfortunately bananas contain a turn off this chemical.

These are the health risk of consuming this beverage daily.

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