Healthy liver function can be disrupted with excess fat accumulation in the crucial organ.

 While some amount of fat is important for the functioning of a healthy liver, the problem begins when it gets too much and starts to gas severe damage to the liver.

It is possible to reverse fatty liver diseases in many cases with healthy diet, including lots of fruits, vegetables and fiber, among other things.

1.GRAPE FRUITS This magical fruit juice and repair the liver damage that happens after a fatty liver. Vitamin C and antioxidants present in these foods help eliminate toxins from the body to improve your liver health.

2.AVACADO Adding avocados to diet for correcting fatty liver rich in HDL cholesterol avocado is suggested for those suffering from non alcoholic party liver disease. And it may help lower fat or blood lipid and prevent liver damage.

3.BLUEBERRIES if you have a fatty liver, blueberries are a must edition to everyday diet. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and can help you overcome liver problems, particularly fatty liver disease.

4.BANANAS. Bananas for fatty liver disease patients. They are storehouse of vitamin B6,C and A and also high in resistant starch, which is good for liver health.

5.CRANBERRIES  just like blueberries, you need to also add cranberries to the diet they contain. Anthocyanins and help to combat liver problems.

8.GRAPES Grapes are loaded with resveratrol and can help you improve liver health and help you stay stay healthy.

8.APPLE This is another miraculous food for improving your liver health as it contains fiber and can help to detoxify the liver.

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