Winter is coming. Going for a run or a workout when it's cold outside may not seem like the easiest thing to do.

 But here are some ways to manage a winter workout for your health sake

1.WORKOUT INDOORS The warmer the environment, the more conducive it is work it is for a workout and the more motivated you will feel to do any physical activity.

2.WEAR THE RIGHT ACTIVE WEAR normally in a humid climate option for cotton clothing as it absorbs moisture. But in winter you want to avoid that because if your clothes are soaked in Mysore it will leave you feeling cold. So go for sports clothing made from cotton mix or synthetic fibre.

3.DONT MISS WARM UP AND STRETCHING  winter or not a warm up before a workout is super essential but in the cold weather it becomes mandatory. When exercising in colder temperatures you are at increased risk for sprains and injuries.

4.STAY HYDRATED DURING WINTER Winter air is not just cold, it also drive to keep your skin from drying out. Drink plenty of water during your workouts.

5.MAKE SUPER SETS A PART OF YOUR WINTER.  If you start feeling cold in between sets, do 10 to 20 reputations of body weight squats between 2 exercises.

6.INVOLVE A WORKOUT BUDDY  If you wonder how to workout in winter mornings, try this. It's easy to cancel a workout if you do it alone.

7.DONT GIVE UP during winter. At times it can be difficult to master the motivation to get dressed and leave the house to work out. If you find yourself in such a situation, workout at home.

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