Are you in a relationship where there are more fights and complaints than happy moments? If yes, then we are setting that your relationship is taking a toll on your mental health.

Such situations lead to frustration, broken communication, and external focus, among others. You must have thought about leaving your partner more times than you can count.

 But you have not and the reason behind this is the deep down you know that your partner means the world to you.

 If that's the case, we can give you tips on how to lessen the drift between you and your partner. But before this you need to understand where things are going wrong.

Here are some of the things that assist in unhappy relationships.

1.TRYING TO CHANGE ONE ANOTHER. When you try to change your partner, it makes them feel like they're losing control of their life as they need to give justification for every decision they take in their life.

2.HAVING DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES.  When your value and beliefs differ from one another, even though things may be fine during the initial stage, but once you get to know each other well, they tend to get dancer with time.

3.NOT LETTING GO OF YOUR PAST. The chances of being unhappy in a relationship so when you don't let go of the past, constantly thinking about how good and easy things were during the initial days will abstain you from living in the moment and fixing current disputes.

4.KNOW HOW BADLY YOU WANT TO SAVE THE RELATIONSHIP. It is essential to know the intensity to which you want to save your relationship to get a conclusion about how badly you want things to workout between the two of you by honest about your feelings.

5.JUST TALK IT OUT Communication is the key. Rather than being defensive and criticising your partner, open up and tell him. Ignore her how you feel. Communicate the aspects that you think are important to work on to make things better. Moreover, be more appreciative.

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