Our lives have become easier because of our busy schedules and convenient access to food delivery services.

 let's look at this gentle reminder of why we should M to avoid utilizing few ingredients with that in mind.

Our busy lifestyle and easy access to food on our doorstep have made our lives easy, but it is also harming our health.

Our mind needs a gentle reminder as to why we must try to avoid using such ingredients.

SODIUM NITRITE This ingredient is frequently used in processed made products to stop the growth of bacteria and preserve the reddish pink colour and salty taste. Too much consumption of nitrates and nitrosamine is linked with stomach cancer.

YEAST EXTRACT yeast extract provides a salty flavour to foods like cheese, bread, soya sauce and other snacks. Excessive yeast consumption can result in greater salt intake and high blood pressure.

WHITE SUGAR Refined sugar is considered to have empty calories as they contain. Nobody means minerals, proteins, fats or fibres. These sugars are commonly used in food like ice cream, pastry, soda and beverages.

 MAIDA Maida is primarily used in fast food. It is safe to avoid food ingredients that have such chemical content. Try to use whole grain flour to add nutritional value to the food.

REFINED VEGETABLE OILS Highly processed vegetable oil such as soybean ,corn and cotton seed oil are all high in Omega 6 polyunsaturated fats, which are unstable for our health.

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