Having a solid morning and evening routine is key for regulating your nervous system. They create a container for your day that helps regulate your emotions, keeping you calm and grounded.

 Sleep is one of the most underrated but powerful tools for healing at so many of us struggle to fall and stay asleep.

Your prepaid activities have a big influence on what your subconscious think about while you sleep and how you feel the next morning.

 When you're upset or concern, it can be difficult to turn your mind off. Having a regular bedtime ritual can help you on wind, sleep better, and prepare for the next day.

1.TURN OFF YOUR PHONE AND ELECTRONICS 1 -HOUR MINIMUM BEFORE BED.  putting a phone alert and electronics away at night is a game changer. First, they are very mentally stimulating, which can put you into a sympathetic state, but they also emit blue light. Beach at night is even more  dysregulating.

2.SIP A WARM ,CALMING TEA  lavender and chamomile tea are great bedtime tea as both helps a specific actions on stress and anxiety calming the nervous system. But in general the warm top most herbal teas will have a soothing effect on your mind. This ritual help. Signal your brain and body that it is night and time to go to sleep.

3.DO MEDITATION Meditation before bed even for 5 minutes is very grounding and coming. Not only does it come the nervous system making it easier for us to fall asleep, but it also helps to cleanse the mind from the days events leaving it more clear income for a good nights sleep.

4.GENTLE ASANA  Gentle movement is another beautiful way to calm the nervous system. Before bed. Even 23 minutes in a supported forward fold, a couple of minutes of legs up the wall and reclaimed are supported. Butterfly pose can help move any stagnant energy and limp as well as bring us into a parasympathetic state making it easier to fall asleep.

5.JOURNAL / READ  journaling is the most helpful way when there is something on your mind that needs to get it out. You can also read a nice book before bed and you never system will feel calm and ready for bed after 10 to 15 minutes.

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