In a room full of people, self confidence shines like no other. You may be a miss, know it all, excelling at knowledge and skills, but if you lack confidence it can be a spoiler.

This is not just applicable in professional life, but for your personal growth. To what you say is important, but how you say it is equally important.

Thats why body language plays a huge part. So let us share some expert tips on how to look confident.

1.WATCH YOUR POSTURE Don't slouch and bend, learning to stand upright with your shoulders apart and spine straight as a stick to look confident. According to yoga guru Doctor Hansraj Yogendra, maintaining and it upright posture can also help you keep you overall body health when you have stand or sit with curve in your spine, it can be considered a weakness in one's personality.

2.BUILD EYE CONTACT Imagine when someone talks to you without looking at you. Doesn't it feel awkward? Well, expert consult that a person looks confident when they try to maintain eye contact while talking to the person in front. In fact, avoiding this may seem as thought there may be a lack of interest or control over the conversation.

3.MIND YOUR HAND GESTURES. Do you keep your hands in front of you? Are you behind your back while talking? Believe it or not, your hand gestures play an important role in exhibiting. Whether you are a confident or Cassius, simply keep your hands gestures as normal as possible.

4.ARTICULATE YOUR WORDS When you put your points across clearly and coherently, it's a natural way to look confident, view mumble and from bullets assign. You are not sure of what you may want to say. Having clarity of thought contributes to building self confidence.

5.AVOID BEING NERVOUS A certain degree of nervousness is absolutely healthy, but letting it show via facial expressions can hamper attempts to look confident. If talking to certain people makes you feel nervous and anxious, you have got to learn how to overcome it.

Knowing your subject well is one way to deal with this. You may also take deep slow breaths to calm your nerves. Slowly and steadily you will gain self confidence and confident too.

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