It goes without saying that no matter the brand or price bracket, every car deserve some love and care, and your vehicle owner manual is the first thing that comes in handy.

The company guides offers item wise information about the car in case you have lost the hard copy. The same can be retrieved from the manufacturer's website.

Information like specifications, security, child safety keys and remote control, fuel refuelling, car care,etc is quite handy with the user manual.

Give your car the time and pampering it deserves and follow the mention tips to make sure it leaves a long and fuss free life.

REGULARLY MONITOR THE TYRE PRESSURE it goes without saying that fit tyres are the essential for your vehicles health there for keeping a regular check on your tyre pressure not only improve mileage but also prevents early wear and tear or even tyre bursts.

CHANGE OIL AND OIL FILTER,CHECK THE BREAK FLUID A car has multiple moving parts and it cannot run smoothly without a lubricant. This is where oil and oil filters come into the picture as oil lubricates moving parts and absorbs heat due to friction.

CARRY OUT BATTERY MAINTENANCE begin with simply keeping your battery clean as dirt can cause the current to drain. Use a damp rage to wipe it and make sure to clean the battery posts or terminals about keeping the car when the ignition is off. It harms the life of the battery.

FIX WINDSHIELD CHIPS A compromised windshield with chips and cracks not only affects a drivers vision but he is a safety hazard.

CLEAN THE CARS ENGINE.  There is not much that one can do to keep the engine clean internally except for using clean fuel, but no. But one must also clean it externally from time to time.

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