Guavas loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which make them an extremely healthy food.

1. Boosts your immune system. The immune boosting property of Guavas was attributed to the rich store of vitamin C It offers. Vitamin C is a natural. Antihistamine that helps control respiratory allergies by lowering the levels of molecules called histamines that are released during the inflammatory process.

2. Good for the Brain All vitamins required for maintaining good brain health can be found in guavas they have vitamin B3 and vitamin basics which improve blood circulation to the brain and relax your nerves.

3. Enhances your hormonal levels. Guava contains copper, an important mineral required for the production and absorption of hormones. It helps your thyroid gland to function optimally.

4. Keeps you away from cancer. Guava has antioxidants like. Isophane, which prevents direct damage cast to the cells without the antioxidant effect damage gas it to the cells by surrounding free radicals, is good enough to induce cancer.

5. Good for people with diabetes. Do very important aspects make guava an idol fruit for diabetics. First, it is rich in fibre and second, it has a very low glycemic index. Both these properties are required for regulating glucose levels in the blood.

6. Makes your skin healthy. Antioxidants in Baba's protect the skin from developing wrinkles, thus making you look younger. Old age is a certainly in everyone's life, and eating a guava everyday can at least prolong the process.

7. Treats Constipation. Constipation is gathered mainly due to a lack of fibre in the diet. Fibre acts as a broom that sweeps the Colon and allows easy bowel moment to take place. Guava is one of the fruits with high fibre content.

8. Good for the eyes. Guavas may not be loaded with the goodness of vitamin year like carrots, but still is an affair, source of nutrient it can at atleast Helps you meet your daily recommended intake of vitamin year and keep your eyes in good condition.

9. Help fetal development. Guava are rich in folic acid or vitamin B9, which is an important nutrient for the development of a Childs nervous system. Hence pregnant woman can have them to help protect their newborn against neurological disorders.

10. Relaxes the nerves. Guava is have a rich store of magnesium and nutrient, important for inducing the relaxation of nerves and muscles. This property makes them extremely good for combatting stress.

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