Top 11 Best Ideas for Purple Valentine Nails: Get it Now


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As women we are in immense need to groom ourselves and get on with the best look we could ever make. In this grooming process, nails play a vital role. You could be at a candlelight dinner or at a sunset when your partner adores you without your knowledge. What makes you look aesthetic and lovely? Of Course, you gesture. And when your nails are made and maintained, what else could make it lovelier than this?

So come on, ladies! Let’s make our pink and purple Valentine’s nails and nail this year’s Eve together!

1. Silver and purple Valentine nails

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Sparkling silver over an elegant shade of Purple could be very impressive and rich. A gloss finish of nails with such bright color combinations could be a great way to make this Valentine’s Day the best purple one!

2. Purple Valentine nails with a French manicure:

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French manicures are always better choices, and fusing them with purple Valentine shades will be one of the best choices of your life. You can add different shades of Purple to different fingers to make them look lovelier. The elegance and charm you carry with this nail art will be gorgeous.

3. Minimal hearts on purple valentines day nails:

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Sometimes, it’s best to stick with minimal art to develop your look of the Day. Particularly, this style needs the best color combinations; purple shades with white, pink, or silver could be one of the best combinations you’ve ever got painted on your nails.

4. Sparking hearts on purple valentines nails:

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Gloss and dazzling hearts on your perfectly painted purple nails is a jam to remember. Especially white, golden and silver-colored hearts are some of the best choices to pick from. All these colors would go great with your purple nails on a beautiful Valentine’s Eve.

5. Pink and purple Valentine’s nails:

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Pink and Purple is one of the cutest and loveliest combinations ever made and them on your nails? That would be out of the world. You can fuse these colors with an aesthetic golden or silver color partition in the middle. This could enhance your nail art and add more charm. There is nothing better than a fusion painted pink and purple Valentine’s nails. And nothing better than them with a gloss look.

6. Ripple hearts on purple Valentine’s nails:

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Do you mind having slayed nails on Valentine’s Day? Then ripple it is! Ripple is one of the flashing attractive designs in nail art, and what better than a pink or white ripple heart on purple painted nails? Try a ripple with different shades of Purple on white-painted nails to enhance the color line. This could go with both gloss and matte looks maki, making your nails one of the best memories of your Valentine’s Day this year.

7. Floral fusion on clear base:

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Clear bases definitely don’t fail to give a soft feminine look to a woman. A fusion of clear base and floral designs? Your valentine would definitely make his mind of you being a nail goddess! On a clear base, adding different floral designs on different sides of each finger adds beauty to the feminine side of a woman. And a stone or glitter would be the cherry on top!

8. Red heart on purple valentines day nails:

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Red hearts are always special, and purple nails are a whole different experience. What if we club them together? A simple, small, and cute red heart on a light shade of purple painted nail is such a charming look for your hands. That could be something appropriately romantic for a Valentine’s Day out!

9. Intricate swirl purple heart nails:

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The nail art of hearts and flowers over square and sharp nails is good. But nails completely transformed into heart-shaped cuties? That’s a wonder on a purple Valentine. Your nails could be obviously mistaken for a heart-shaped shell on your nail, for real. This design actually makes your nails look like hearts in different colors. Do you want to add Colors? Of Course, you can!

10. Purple Valentine nails with Polka dots:

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Is that really snow on your purple nails? Wow. That’s the reaction you could get when you go out with this nail art on Valentine’s Day with your love. The beautiful mid-shade Purple and the snow white polka dots could not just make your Day; they could make a year of a beautiful memory. These dots can be in different colors like pink and cream too. The base could also be of different colors like red and pink and any other light shade that would enhance a snowfall.

11. Matte purple Valentine nails:

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Nothing’s better than a beautiful shade of Purple with a matte finish on nails. The confidence and superiority over yourself are just unshakeable when it’s matte in your nails! You could try this look with different purple shades and colors like pink, brown, and, most beautiful, nude. What else could suit you better than a bold matte purple?


Valentine’s Day is all about love, feelings, and memories. These are the memories that could last a lifetime. They need to be planned and made in the most beautiful way possible. Your looks could bring real confidence to thrive all Day like a gorgeous queen. Go girls! Choose better outfits, and paint amazing nails in the most suitable color and design for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Choose a design from the above catalog and hold your seats tight! Let’s make this the best purple Valentine’s Day you’ve ever celebrated! Stun, shine, and dazzle like a goddess. Leave a sparkle wherever you go!


What exactly are purple Valentine’s Day and purple Valentine’s nails?

Purple Valentine’s Day is nothing but a Valentine’s Day celebration with a purple theme all over. According to Webster’s Dictionary, when you apply such a purple theme on your nail art to prepare for Valentine’s Day, it can be called purple Valentine’s nails.

Can I do nail art without an actual nail art kit?

Yes, you can. Nail art is basically the painting of your nails in an artistic way, and if you’re good enough to do it on your own, then it’s okay not to use a tool kit. Then again, for complex and more aesthetic designs, it is suggested to make use of a nail art tool kit. This could make the work easier and less time-consuming.

What does purple mean for a Valentine’s Day, and why do people make it a purple Valentine?

During Valentine’s Eve, different colors represent different emotions and feelings. Here, Purple or any shade of Purple represents royalty, dignity, sophistication, and respect. When people feel like showing their respect and values for a person, they make it a purple valentine to celebrate them.

Do I really have to buy an acrylic nail kit for one day eve?

If you’re someone who doesn’t go deep into fashion and trends then you definitely won’t enjoy long nails over months. For such people, it’s better to have temporary nails. You can use it for a day and get back to normal again. Moreover, there are several nail art designs for short nails, too.

What are some go-to color combos when it comes to nail paints and nail art?

Nowadays aesthetic nails with aesthetic color are admired the most. If you want to paint your nails in a color that could go well with any outfit, you could use different shades of nude, pink, and peach colors. If you’re looking for bright combinations to go well with specific outfits, then there’s a whole other catalog that you can use for a better choice.

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